Innovating, Mitigating, Adapting and Evolving: DC Water

Recently, DC Water General Manager and CEO George Hawkins blogged about his utility’s innovative research in support of its new CAMBI thermal hydrolysis and digester system. The digester will reduce the agency’s greenhouse gas footprint, enhance the utility’s resilience and ultimately save customers money.

Cambi-1“This incredible benefit is just one demonstration of the value of our research program at Blue Plains. Research doesn’t always pan out, but when it does, the return can be immense, as this example illustrates,” he wrote.

Innovation in research, greenhouse gas mitigation, climate resilience – DC Water’s work embodies many of the key topics to be discussed during the International Water and Climate Forum. From Washington, D.C., to California, Australia to the Netherlands, in urban utilities around the world, utility managers are innovating, mitigating, adapting and evolving. I hope you’ll make plans to join your utility peers December 7-9, 2015 to discuss what’s working on the ground, and how to keep the momentum going.

By Diane VanDe Hei

Diane VanDe Hei is executive director of the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies. AMWA is an organization of the largest publicly owned drinking water utilities in the U.S.