From Solutions To Implementation

Raül Glotzbach, with the International Water Association – one of the International Water & Climate Forum’s co-organizers, recently blogged about climate change’s impacts on urbanized areas and the need to move toward implementation of solutions.

“In Europe, about 75% of the population lives in urban areas – a figure that is likely to increase in the coming years,” Raül writes. “This means a growing demand for water and sanitation provisions. New solutions, ones that can be effectively – cost effective, carbon and energy efficient, etc. – implemented in cities, will be required to deal with the new paradigm.”

IWA2-25-2015 blogIWA and its partners are already showing what is possible. For instance, the European Union-funded PREPARED project, which is aimed at enabling the water sector to better adapt and cope with climate change, highlights that city water supply and sanitation systems and their catchment areas can adapt and be resilient to the challenges of climate change.

Likewise, the International Water and Climate Forum will support the transition from solutions to implementation by connecting water research and technology with high profile water utility managers and CEOs. These water leaders are well positioned to influence implementation of the many solutions at our disposal today, and they will demonstrate how this can be achieved at the Forum in December.

Read Raül’s full blog, From Solutions To Implementation.