Carl Ganter: An International Perspective on Climate Change Policy

While progress on climate change policy has highs and lows from year to year and country to country, on the international front climate policy continues to move in promising directions. On the frontline of climate change journalism is J. Carl Ganter, co-founder and director of Circle of Blue, the internationally recognized center for original reporting, research and analysis on resource issues with a focus on the intersection between water, food and energy. The Forum is very fortunate to have him on the program to give us his take on current developments in international climate change policy.

j-carl-ganter-720-720-590x590In 2012, Ganter received the Rockefeller Foundation’s Centennial Innovation Award for developing a “unique, multi-disciplinary approach to documenting and reporting on the global freshwater crisis.” Circle of Blue’s non-advocacy, on-the-ground journalism makes complex issues understandable and provides trusted information and data that connects local stories to global trends. To link policymakers, scientists, academics, businesses and the general public, Circle of Blue uses emerging technologies and creative processes – in collaboration with organizations such as Google – to develop interactive “big data” projects and global surveys that make climate issues relevant and personal.

Ganter serves as vice-chairman of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Agenda Council on Water Security, a group of leading experts from business, government, academia and the general public that provides thought leadership to the WEF’s activities on water security. For many years he has also served on the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Navigating Peace Water Working Group, which produces policy papers on global water policies.

Insider perspectives generated from these many involvements make Carl Ganter an ideal source of knowledge on international climate change policy for Forum participants. Among other critical topics, he will talk about the discussions that will be taking place at COP 21 in Paris and how these relate to discussions at the Forum about water resilience strategies at urban utilities in light of climate change impacts. His unique insights on the international policy scene promise to be a highlight of the Forum.